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By creating wedding images that provoke convention, Danilo and Sharon [est. 2013] became a recognized brand, known for its defined aesthetic approach and bespoke photography services.

Heavily influenced by eastern European heritage and previous fashion and advertising work, Danilo and Sharon nourished a photographic style that seduces modern brides worldwide. Majority of the wedding and portrait work is inspired by the location and subjects themselves while keeping signature author aesthetics.

Working internationally, Danilo and Sharon photographed weddings and portraits around the world, from the busy streets of Hong Kong to historic Paris. The studio is currently based in Europe (Belgrade) and led by wife and husband – Sharon and Danilo Vasic.

Defining themselves as a family of artists, Sharon and Danilo work together on every project, often taking their 5-year-old boy on board.

Ever curious about the unknown and always in seek of better.


a letter form Sam Symon

It was always a pleasure to exchange emails with you and read your words of encouragement, you made me feel so much better when I was stressed and panicking about the organization of the day – thank you for your patience and for answering all of my stupid questions!

Interacting with you from end-to-end has been nothing but the highest level of professionalism. Everything worked perfectly – the delivery of the contract online, your conduct on the day of the wedding (your professional appearance and how discreetly you interacted with us and the family) right through to the timely delivery of the photos, and the excellent website you use to access them. I cannot explain the joy you brought to us and the family with the slideshow you put together, again thank you for this kind (and really unexpected) act.

You captured our day from start to finish perfectly. Every emotion is there, and looking through the photos enables us to relive the day and experience all the moments that we didn’t get to see first-hand. We really couldn’t have wished for more, and we are just so lucky to have found you. When nothing else was going right we at least knew we didn’t need to stress about how the photos would look, because we knew that you would do such an amazing job.

I think that everything about your concept is really wonderful, and this is emphassised in the quality of your work. Your passion is there to see, and you are both absolutely in the right career.

I would work with you again in a heartbeat.

Thank you guys for everything.

Sam Symon


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